Xanax King once more arrested over suspected dark web drug production from Concord warehouse

Before now, Jeremy Donagal was accused of selling Xanax imitation pills.Report from the US Department of Justice stated that Martinez man released in 2015 on charges of manufacturing and selling drugs was arrested again and charged with a similar offense. This time, he was caught producing a similar drug with Xanax active ingredients from a Concord Warehouse.The case of 41 years old Jeremy Donagal, nicknamed Xanax King, was heard Friday for sales of imitation medicines on the dark web to conceal his crime. Dark web markets are anonymous pages requiring unique software for access. Authority said his arrest took place in his Concorde warehouse Wednesday.

According to the news, Donagal leased the warehouse located on Solano Avenue in December 2018 and was purported to have several tools and materials used for drug faking. Several packaging and shipping materials for carrying out his illegal counterfeit drug sales are found in the facility.Xanax King is accused of manufacturing and distributing generic alprazolam pills that have active ingredients similar to the anti-anxiety medicine called Xanax. The presentation of the fake product is identical to Xanax, the prosecution alleged.According to Assistant US Attorney, Kevin Barry in his 2015 sentencing memo, over 1 million alprazolam pills were sold weekly, where the accuse made from $0.5 to $1 per tablet multiply the quantity sold.

The criminal complaint against the accused said he manufactured the alprazolam pills and using the exact Sandoz Inc., markings. Sandoz Inc., a renowned drug manufacturer in the US, lately opted to plead guilty in a matter bordering on anti-trust and price-fixing. In 2015, Xanax King got a 70 months jail term in federal prison and released in 2018. The 2015 conviction had three years of supervised release.

Before his conviction, the accused apologized in a letter to the court over his behavior. He blamed his criminal activities on series of personal tragedies – the demise of his mother, his cancer diagnosis, and ensuing addiction from pain medication; to all these he regretted his action, according to the message of his letter.His letter showed that he deeply regretted his actions and made a commitment to himself to become a smart man and develop, transform, and become a wise man. Prior to his release, the Government filed a motion to revoke his release with evidence that he started the fake drug manufacturing operation as soon as he was released in 2018. 

According to the motion, he started a pill press and laboratory operation to create the fake pills, and he created the dark web vendor webpages to sell the pills, while also creating vendor sites on criminal marketplaces like Empire and Samsara.In 2014, Xanax King and five others were accused of manufacturing fake Xanax, a trademark for Pfizer Inc. They were arrested in Contra Costa County and charged with other offenses, including money laundering for wire transfers he sent to China.On Friday, Xanax King made his federal court appearance. He was given a three years sentence in jail and one year of supervised release for counterfeiting drug and sale, four years in prison and one year of supervised release for owning equipment to create fake drugs.